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Current Tour: “Creating Separation”

“A Class for Contractors Who Seek to Rise above the Competitors”

If three contractors submit proposals to the same customer, what makes one of them the top choice? What factors impact the customer’s decision as to who gets the work? As importantly, how did the customer decide which three contractors to call to begin with?

The Creating Separation presentation answers these questions and includes numerous successful approaches practiced through the years designed to create both long and short term separation from other contractors.

Teaming up with manufacturers, distributors, local lumberyards, and other industry professionals, through contractor lunches and breakfasts, provides an opportunity to work together to bring these “tricks of the trade” to local markets by allowing a fellow contractor to share a simple but effective proven path with other fellow contractors and industry professional. These concepts and techniques developed through actual years of experience with proven results apply to remodelers, builders, and landscape contractors.

This session provides an opportunity at no cost to the contractor while at the same time providing ideas that they can begin to implement immediately. Attendees will understand how a company’s operational philosophy, messaging, website, and photo usage combined with sound fundamental sales and operational approaches, sway the percentages in their favor when competing for business.


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